Camino Primitivo-Day 3 La Doriga to Salas

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  1. Judy says:

    How horrid it is to walk in such high temps. However, how fortunate for you to have experienced these acts of kindness.
    Thanks for your update. I shall be doing the Camino Primitivo in either May or September 2018. Hopefully, I won’t have to deal with the kind of heat you are experiencing. Weather is such a variable thing, isn’t it? And, so if one is wise…exceptions to plans are often necessary to explore.
    Continue on, stay well and safe. Enjoy each breath and the next bend in the road.

  2. Brenda Joan says:

    I look forward to reading your information about the Primitivo, as I will be walking in July (yes, I know! It was not my first choice, but a hospitalera position became available and it threw off my original plans). I am now seriously worried about the heat. I had planned shorter stages, hoping that would make it easier. Good luck!

    • Irene says:

      The heat in July is going to make the walk a lot harder. There are almost no fountains or places to refill water the first 7 days so far. The kindness of locals who offered to refill our 3 liter bootlegs saved us from serious heat exhaustion. I wouldn’t walk more than 10-15 km in heat over 70 if you are very accustomed to it. Had I known what to expect I would have made my stages 17 instead of 14.

  3. wvwanderer says:

    We had the same experience last September at Casa Pachon. I don’t know how we walked the next day. Beware: when we crossed the Hospitales it was over 100F with bright sun.” No es normal” is what the locals kept telling us. Bring extra water as it is worth the weight. At the end of the Hospitales there was a “pop-up” Mahou bar next to a van, just to the left of the power lines. We still wish today that we stopped there for extra water. We ran out, but a lovely gentleman who was sweeping his walk filled our bottles as we still had almost 5K to go. The bar just past there was closed so we were fortunate. Ultreia!!

    • Irene says:

      We walked the Hospitales yesterday. Weather was perfect for us. 50F, super windy, cold. Ver overcast with drizzle. We carry 3 liters of water everyday regardless. It was a long day but I was grateful for the chilly weather.

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