A Post-Camino De Santiago (Primitivo Route) look at our packing list

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  1. Great list. I wonder if the foot problems I developed on one of the caminos while wearing low cut walking shoes instead of hiking boots could have been prevented by wearing hiking boots. My problem is bursitis, now persistent in my left foot and flaring up on walks longer than a few miles. My hiking boots are high top and heavy, with steel shanks. Is that what you recommend, or are your hiking boots lighter than that? They’re good boots but hot.

  2. elainewalker65 says:

    Thanks Irene for both the great blog and this list. I am hoping to walk both Salvador and Primitivo in Sept. Do you recommend same stuff for both journeys(including not taking a sleeping bag?)

    • Irene says:

      This has been a warm summer even for Spain. I would take a light bag. I don’t know what those albergues are like. Plus the Salvador is remote and long stages without services. You don’t want to get into trouble and not have a way to stay warm. But you don’t need anything other than a very light bag. Check the weather forecast but I think you’ll find September is still very warm. Or call/email the albergues and as if they have blankets.

  3. Judy Simmons says:

    This is such a helpful detailed post. You did a really nice job Irene putting all tjis together. I found certain items you listed I hadn’t consideted. And thanks for the heads up about sunblock costs in Spain.
    Where are you two off to next? Keep us posted.
    Thanks for ALL. ?

    • Irene says:

      Thanks for the feedback. We haven’t decided yet. Might do the Primitivo again but take a few more days. Or we might do the first part of the Frances with our friend Steven if we can work the dates. I’ll know soon.

  4. elainewalker65 says:

    Irene I was just checking again your list. Did you take gaiters? I can’t find the name of them on your list but you mention about a pair keeping your feet dry?

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