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The Annapurna Circuit Hike

The Annapurna Circuit   Length: 17 Day Trek / 22 day trip including Kathmandu and Pokhara Difficulty: Difficult – due to extreme altitudes and distance Max. Altitude: 5,416 m /17,769 ft Avg. Altitude: 3,000...

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Annapurna Journal

A word for word transcription of my trail journal entries    TRIP ITINERARY May 11 Arrived in Kathmandu at 7:30 PM May 12 Meet with Thamserku Trekking Company (The  leading adventure travel company in Nepal)...

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DAY 3 – Ngadi to Syange

From the dawn of mankind, the human male has been driven by a survival instinct to assert his superiority over other males. All the while, the female of the species stood by…laughing.      -Irene...

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DAY 4 – Syange to Tal

Billy awoke feeling better today and we headed off to Tal. Good grief! the route map had a section labeled “long, hot hill.” Really…it’s labeled like that on the map! What it doesn’t tell...

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DAY 7 – Bratang to Pisang

    Last night was interesting. Around 1am we were awakened by what sounded like 2 rifle shots in succession. Naturally, my husband the life member of “conspiracy theorists anonymous”, immediately went into Army...

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