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Ogilvie Mountains along the Dempster Hwy 0

Tombstone Territorial Park

Just outside of Dawson City is the junction with the Dempster Highway. A chip-sealed (Shale) road that is open year round. It’s the only road to the Arctic in Canada. It’s like the Haul...


Dawson City, Yukon 

  We made it to Dawson City. Wow, what a drive. They weren’t kidding about the steep drop offs and narrow, winding dirt road. Made it across the border without incident. Tiring 5 1/2...


Yukon Territory or BUST!

  We are headed to Tombstone Territorial Park in Yukon Territory, Canada! The plan is to drive from Anchorage to Dawson City, Canada via The Taylor/Top of The World Highway. We’ll spend a couple...

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