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Fox Island Bill and Irene

Hi! I’m Irene and I’ve been living and playing in Alaska for over 25 years with my husband Bill. He’s the one featured in webpage header dressed in his drysuit and looking out at Resurrection Bay, Alaska. We love to SCUBA dive, hike, camp, and travel overseas. I hope to regale you with my musings of life in “The Last Frontier” as well as share our experiences traveling overseas. We’ve been to many countries including Nepal, Ireland, Spain, Cuba, and all over the Caribbean. I hope to be able to share information that is helpful and I’m always open to requests for stories or travel information about Alaska.

*Check out the Nepal menu for a day by transcription of our month-long trip in Nepal and trekking in the Himalayas.

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  1. Brian Krahe says:

    Hi Irene / Bill . Reading your comments on SEAG homepage in McCarthy .. and followed links to see your diving photos..
    I am curious about diving in ALASKA in the future . I spent an incredible month in your state JUL 2018 and plan to go back again I liked it so so much. Last visit couldnt find any operator that would take me ice diving in JULY ???? Although I had open water dive ticket ..NB not ice dive qualified which is obvious 1 reason why not !!! looking for advice for next trip …. however may be a while before our “ great “ leader lets us out of AUSTRALIA !!!!
    Regards Brian ( aka Rian Grey )

    • Irene says:

      Alaska is very warm in July and there’s no ice diving until winter. You don’t need to be ice diving certified. We have classes a couple times throughout winter. Contact Dive Alaska in Anchorage and they can help you coordinate with their winter schedule. It’s awesome diving up here year round. Drysuit only. The temps are too cold for a 7mm even in the summer 🙂
      Thanks for reaching out 🙂

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