DAY 17- Ghorepani to Birethanti

Poon Hill in Gorapani

Poon Hill in Gorepeani


Beautiful views from Poon Hill as we headed to Ghorepani. But by the end of today I could barely walk from the pain my blister. I was having to use 2 walking sticks and slowed down to the pace of a cripple! I’ve been in so much pain the last 2 days that I haven’t been in the mood to take too many pictures. No blisters and no foot pain until the last 2 days. I guess I’m lucky and glad I’m young and in shape.

What’s funny is this is part of a 4 day trek that some less adventurous hikers do. 4 days. I can’t even imagine such a short hike when you could be trekking through the Himalayas and seeing some incredible vistas. As I write this entry a huge flying cockroach has penetrated the interior defenses of the tent. Damn I hate those things.


The Children of The Annapurna Circuit










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