Day 2 – Besi Sahar to Ngadi

Our trek began with a light rainfall. Pretty much stayed a light drizzle all day. We walked right  through the fields where the locals were tilling their crops.

The worst part of this day for me was crossing the suspension bridge at the village of Khudi. It was this rickety thing that had cables running horizontally from end to end that you use as handholds.


Khudi Bridge

Khudi Bridge



If you fall on the bridge–you fall to your death, 40 ft. down into a fast moving river. Definitely an E-ticket ride at Disneyland.

Other than that little adrenaline rush, the terrain was flat and the trail quite an easy walk.  I like flat. Flat is good. Hills bad.

Temperatures today were around 75 degrees F…at least. We camped on the lawn of a tea house called the “soreback Inn” in the village of Ngadi. 

How ominous…





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