Destruction Bay

Kluane Lake

Camped tonight on Kluane Lake . This is the largest lake in The Yukon. It’s beautiful!



Kluane Lake Campground Beach

Kluane Lake Campground Beach



We arrived early and found a prime campsite with views at Congdon Creek Campground. I think we’ll spend a couple nights here. There are so many photographic opportunities that I think I will need a whole afternoon just to take advantage of them.

We are having a slow leak problem with the tire we Slimed but at least now we are near a gas station with air and the US border is just 120 miles away.

We met a Swiss gentleman who is traveling the world in his Landrover. He’s a retired electrical engineer by the name of Paul. Talked politics and shared travel stories over beer. We met some very interesting people on this trip.



Paul's Landrover

Paul’s Landrover


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