Packing for The Camino de Santiago

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  1. Cath Halley says:

    It sounds like a good list. I love the idea of the male shorts for peeing-ease! I might have to steal that for my trail rides! Too bad you camera gear is to heavy but I’m looking forward to seeing the mobile pix!

  2. Daniel Barry says:

    I’m a guy, so I won’t comment on the personal clothing, but I’ve done a couple of caminos and … like most hikers … am opinionated! So here are my opinions: 1. Basically a great light kit 2. Kind of pricey. 3 The pack weighs a pound or even two more than you really need. I get your explanation for that, but I’d buy (or make) a separate
    Camino pack just to cut a couple of pounds. 4. You’re right about wet down being trouble, but we took down on the Camino x 2 and it didn’t get wet. Just sayin’ you could save a half or even another full pound going with a down bag. You can get 1 lb Chinese down bags on E-bay for less than $100. Plus, you could stuff it inside your jacket for insulation if it gets cold and then you wouldn’t need a puff jacket, too. 5. Other little stuff I’d take: A small headlamp, a plastic spoon to eat yogurt with, a plastic knife to cut bread with, some safety pins to hang up clothes to dry with, 20 feet of strong string for clothesline, ear plugs, a little scissors, needles and dental floss to sew with (also good for teeth!), a tiny tube of super glue gel, maybe some duck tape, a whistle, some rubber bands, one big (30 gallon) plastic bag, maybe some 2 oz. dollar store flip-flops, light weight gloves, money belt. 6. Luxury items: I take a home-made ultra thin nylon sheet and pillow case. These can also be stuffed inside a jacket for extra warmth. I also take a (cut-down) guide book, in case the digital one craps out. Also a xerox copy of my passport, credit cards, etc. Finally, I like to have a little notebook and pen in my pocket.

    We all do it differently and your gear list is fine: Light and safe…you’re going to have a great trip. BUEN CAMINO!

  3. Daniel Barry says:

    PS I’m leaving for the Primitivo on April 19th.

  4. Daniel Barry says:

    Comment on hiking shoes: I also like Merrells and have the non-water-proof Moabs. I also carry a pair of gortex socks to wear inside them when it gets really wet! Sorry for blathering on…..

    • Irene says:

      Your NOT blathering on Daniel! I really appreciate your input. Thank you for taking the time to share your list with me. I have a pretty nifty journal app on my phone. I was going to bring a little Moleskin notebook but I haven’t decided. The app is called Travel Journal and let’s me take pictures and write an entry. Geo-locates too so it’s a great way for me to write my thoughts so that I can later post them on the blog. I hope to write as I walk-cell coverage permitting.
      Hope you come back and read my entries! I’d love to compare to your experience since you are going a couple weeks before us. Buen Camino.

  5. Daniel Barry says: you motivated me to look through my pack again and I notice a few other things you might consider: 1. A camping towel (I cut and sewed mine into a band shape: 4 x 40 inches so I can get it around my back) 2. A little bottle of potable aqua pills…which I did use before both on the Frances and the Portugues when a fuente looked dubious or I was dry and filled up from a creek and finally 3. A little metal lock with keys. Some Albergues have little lockable drawers or boxes you can use, which help when it’s shower time. I have taken my passport and money into the shower with me, but it’s a bit odd…especially if there are no hooks within the cubicle.

    • Irene says:

      I left things out of my list by accident. I do have a camping towel, flip flops, a spork, and safety pins. They are on my spreadsheet so I don’t know why I forgot them 🙂 I will add them shortly. And there are things that husband Bill will carry. The little roll of duck tape and more of a first aid kit are a couple of those things. He’s also taking a tiny, ultralight camping stove and a titanium cup so that he can make us tea or soup on a whim. He insisted so who am I to argue.
      Thanks for reviewing my list. A second set of eyes always helps!

  6. Lannette Nickens says:

    I didn’t see Europran/Spanish electric power adapters for your phone charger on the list.

    • Irene says:

      I have one. Left it off the list. It’s a charger that already has a plug for the EU so I don’t even think about it. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

  7. Daniel Barry says:

    Something else I carry is a 3-way European electric outlet…which cost me about 2 Euros in a Chinese store there…because the wall outlets or power strips in albergues are often full. With a 3-way I can share someone else’s outlet, plug them in too, and still provide an extra pair of holes for somebody else’s plug.

  8. zimmerslanding says:

    Irene. Thanks for your list list, it’s always interesting to see where others are planing to save and sacrifice for minimal weight. I’m taking off for the CF in two weeks and am still agonizing about what to bring. I’m still stuck around 22 pounds – way too much. Part of the challenge is that I intend to walk the entire route to Finnisterre and then spend another 2+ weeks traveling around Spain where it will be less casual (2 months total). But, I may drop the 3d set of clothing and buy an extra, decent set of trousers and shirt after the walk. I too am probably bringing too much inclement weather kit as I’ve been training in AK’s 0-15 deg temps for the past three month – I suspect I’ll overheat there if I actually wear what we’ve brought. Much of the rest of our lists is about the same (to include the spork! :}). I wish you both well, buen camino

    • Irene says:

      We’re spending an additional week in Spain, too. What we’re doing is taking a medium bag with our poles and Swiss Army knife. In that bag we are also putting a few articles of clothing for the last week. When we get to Oviedo we will send that bag to Ivar in Santiago to store until we arrive. That way we aren’t carrying extra clothes we don’t need during the walk.
      Spain is hot compared to what we are used to here in Alaska. We were there last May, albeit in the South, and it was very hot. Madrid was mild but still pretty warm. Safe travels to you and Buen Camino.

  9. Susan Alcorn says:

    We hiked both the Primitivo and our remaining miles/km of the Norte last year in the spring. I won’t go through my entire list, but have a couple of comments about traveling elsewhere before or after the Camino if you are not able to leave extra items in a hotel to which you will return. For looking a bit more put together while in cities, I carry my black Smartwool top (which is also my long underwear/extra layer/sleepwear if necessary), a skirt (could be my hiking skirt), a lightweight scarf, and sandals. My Mephisto black suede Sandals are heavier than necessary (and were pricey), but they look pretty dressy and have accompanied me for probably 15 years to many continents when I didn’t want to trek around in either boots or trail runners (and I don’t take flip flops).
    I think I first heard about the pee rag from a book entitled “How to xxx in the Woods,” or maybe the Leave No Trace people. One could tear the bandanna in half and use half for that need and the other half for nose wipes instead of tissues.
    I know that you don’t want to go to the expense of down at the moment, but as you said down is lighter than synthetic fills. My down jacket has a water-resistant (not proof!) filling. I carry my down sleeping bag and everything I really need to keep dry in extremely lightweight turkey baster bags. My backpack is lined with a trash compactor bag (also pretty light). We have used this system throughout many Camino trails and on the entire Pacific Crest Trail and have never gotten anything important wet.
    Good luck on the Primitivo–enjoy the challenges of the route, the beauty of the countryside, and the history and cultural experiences of the cities. We had pretty good weather on this route–many days that started out overcast, with rain forecast, but actually had very few days of rain.

    • Irene says:

      Good advice Susan! Thank you. I want to use a trash compactor bag but I can’t find them in boxes with less than 20. I may just give some away at the next Camino meeting in my town.

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